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Choice of Plan
Each eligible student/scholar has a choice of ONE of the TWO Coverage Plans, which have significant benefit differences between them. Please review each plan carefully to choose which plan best meets your own individual needs. Make your selection carefully, you CANNOT change your Plan selection after the initial purchase of the Plan for the policy year.

Online Enrollment

Before applying, please make sure that: 
  • The plan of choice is available in the state where you live;
  • You meet the ELIGIBILITY definition of the plan;
  • The plan (if any) suits your health insurance needs;
  • The plan complies with your school requirements;
  • You have understood the Policy as described in the brochure.

  • Then, you may proceed with the following simple steps: 
  • (1) Principal (Enter/update Student/Scholar information);
  • (2) Coverage (Enter/select desired coverage options);
  • (3) Payment (Enter credit card payment information);
  • (4) Confirm (Verify/submit application);
  • (5) Receipt* (Login your account to print a receipt).

  • *(A online account is automatically created upon processing of your application, so please secure your password and login your account to check the status of your application, print receipt, etc.)

    Now, get started by clicking the applicable button below: 

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